Coming Down from the Performers’ High

Live performances of musicians are adrenaline-pumping and high-energy affairs. The crowd’s wild reaction even adds euphoria to it. After every gig or performances, artists engage in various post festival rock and roll activities in coming down from the performers’ high.

Musicians have their own ways and means of unwinding and de-stressing. For instance, Daily Mail Online reported that Mariah Carey “unwinds by putting on a sexy lingerie and donning herself with diamonds”. This was after she wrapped up her holiday concert series with some serious holiday notes.

Coming Down from the Performers’ High

The rush from performing on stage does not dissipate quickly. In fact, some artists don’t cap off their day until the sun rises. After a crazy show, their minds and bodies are just ready to drop. To ease things up, they either eat, drink, have sex or spend the whole day wearing sweatpants. Here are some ways on how artists and musicians relax after performing live on stage:

  • Doing the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique (AT) is regarded as a mental discipline that guides and instructs people in releasing the tension in their bodies. More so, it teaches individuals how they can effortlessly move their body. The main objective of AT is to restore our body’s alignment and poise. According to Harvard Health Publications, AT is used by artists and musicians after their gigs or concerts. In addition, AT can improve their performance.

  • Having sex with groupies or escorts

You can actually read a lot of after-concert sex stories involving groupies in some websites and forums. For instance, a groupie narrated his experience after Adam Lambert’s performance. According to him, the backstage turned into a motel room where everyone didn’t mind who they are making out with. He even spotted the American Idol alum engaging in heavy petting with a blonde twink.

There are also stories where rock concerts are flooded with escorts waiting for the musicians to wrap up the event. After an hour or so, these rock stars will head directly to their suite tagging along drop dead gorgeous sex workers.

  • Listening to other music

Following their gigs, some musicians along with their bandmates make their way to a nearby restaurant. Here, they will unwind over good music, hot buffet and alcoholic drinks. After some time, these musicians will entertain their bandmates or peers with some music while having a good laugh about their day.