Festival Merchandise: Designs to Bling

Performers and pop band have benefited greatly from merchandising products over the years helping instill continuing interest to their fans. Product merchandise is also a good way for bands to earn extra profit without doing anything. The more merchandise they sell; the more revenue these bands will be getting. As a result, you will not be finding any shortage of band merchandise. There has also been quite a number of terrific merchandising products that have been sold to countless fans and let us look at a few worthwhile examples.

It should be noted that a good band merchandise will stand the test of time. A perfect example of this can be seen with Ramones which is consider to still be a fashion staple, 40 years on, showing the underlining the power of good design. Designed by the band’s creative director, Arturo Vega, in 1976, the resultant T-shirt has become one of biggest selling fashion items of recent decades, available not only on market stalls but also in branches of Next and H&M. Even though the band is long gone their memories live on as sales of the T-shirt remain as strong as ever.

Famous pop icons have also made good use of product merchandise in marketing their albums and gigs. For instance, Justin Bieber launches his tour merchandise on the high street. The Justin Bieber Purpose Tour merchandise has been designed by Fear Of God founder Jerry Lorenzo and features everything from shirts and hoodies to sweatpants and beanie hats.

We mentioned the value of band merchandise as well as their staying power. Good band merchandise can become pretty expensive depending on the design and quality. In fact, there are retro band T-shirts selling for $265. The American department store Barneys are selling T-shirts from punk band Black Flag for a whopping $250 (£201) making it a pretty expensive shirt to purchase and acquire by dedicated fan.

Band merchandise does indeed offer plenty of amazing income and revenue opportunities. With that being said, people are advised to take extra care when creating a particular design to use for merchandise. There have been a number of cases where designers got into extra trouble with the authorities because of the products that they have created.

A good example of this is when Gap Pulled T-Shirts After Indie-Rock Bands Protest. Gap Inc. has been reported pulling T-shirts displaying the names of two indie rock bands from store shelves after the musicians accused the retailer of selling the items without their permission. There is also the case where Motley Crue was sued over merchandise image rights. Rockers Motley Crue have been slapped with legal action over allegations they failed to secure image rights to classic photos featured on their farewell tour merchandise.

If you want to create merchandise your for band, make sure that they will be promoted in a timely and effective manner. This in turn helps decrease the likelihood of you wasting a considerable amount of time and resources. For that matter, it is important for bands to look for a trusted supplier and manufacturer as they work hand in hand together in creating and designing merchandise that is able to suit their preference and tastes while at the same time avoid the fear of having troubles with the authority.

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