Getting Off on Tour: Rock Stars and Hotel Rooms

Rock stars are known to either bring hot girls to their suites or trash their hotel rooms while on tour. According to the Rock World Magazine, the first rock artist who went on a rampage in his hotel room is Keith Moon. Based on news reports, Moon of the band The Who, almost destroyed his suite; there are broken furniture everywhere. Since then, it has seemed to be the norm that rock stars trash their hotel rooms. This is mostly because of wild parties that occur every night.

When Boredom Strikes

Believe it or not, there are times when our rock star idols get bored and lonely when on tour. May it be because of fatigue or some other reasons, they look for ways on how they can assuage their weariness and solitude without committing adultery. Their refuge? ‘Self-love’ through adult entertainment.

Pleasuring one’s self when all alone is not a common thing. More so, doing it in hotel rooms while on vacation, or in the case of rock stars when on tour, is a run-of-the-mill activity. In fact, Hollywood gossip websites disclosed that James Franco spent a fair time in hotel rooms masturbating. According to Franco, he gets off without assistance mainly because he feels like doing it when he got nothing else to do.

In an article from Bustle, hotels are included in the “Best Places to Get Off” list. Apparently, “everything is better in hotels.”

In fact, science shows that everything is 4,000 percent more luxurious and sensual in hotel rooms. Well, you can’t blame rock stars if they try to get off when all alone.

Adult Entertainment in Hotels

In-hotel adult entertainment is the refuge of rock stars who feel the sexual urge, but doesn’t want to cheat on their wives or girlfriends. That does not come as a surprise since typical tourists and backpackers also use such service. If truth be told, these adult entertainment services offered by hotels bring in at least $550 million in global revenues. Porn flicks also account for 60 to 80 percent of profits from in-room hotel entertainment.